24 Republican senators call on Biden to "bring fiscal sanity back to Washington"

Through a letter, GOP lawmakers have again called for a reduction in federal spending in order to compromise on raising the debt ceiling.

The Republican Party continues its firm stance on the debt ceiling. In the face of the Democratic Party's attempt to raise the debt limit, the GOP is again calling on the Biden Administration to implement a cut in federal spending and "bring fiscal sanity back to Washington."

In a letter sent to Joe Biden, 24 Republican senators, led by Mike Lee (Utah) and Ted Budd (North Carolina), give the president another chance to raise the debt ceiling if it is accompanied by their proposed reform:

Any increase in the debt ceiling must be accompanied by cuts in federal spending of an equal or greater amount as the debt ceiling increase, or meaningful structural reform in spending.

Such structural reform proposed by Senate Republicans would apply, among others, to the Prevent Government Shutdowns Act which establishes limits on official travel, recesses or adjournments of Congress and prevents the suspension of many public services or the dismissal of public employees.

"The government is actively working against Americans."

The United States currently has a foreign debt of $31 trillion. This amount is much higher than its Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which reaches a little over 23 trillion dollars. Instead of balancing the economy and taking on certain short-sighted spending cuts, Senate Republicans counter to the Biden Administration that:

Your spending billions in taxpayer resources, expanding the size and scope of the IRS to go after families and small businesses, policing the speech of Americans on social media, funding equity programs in the military, and pouring money into programs for a pandemic that your administration has declared over.

As a result, the Republican senators who signed the letter point out that "Americans are keenly aware that their government is not only failing to work for them - but is actively working against them."