18 of the 20 worst-run cities are Democrats

The Wallethub portal has conducted a report on the management of the 150 largest cities in the United States. 18 of the 20 worst-run cities are Democrats Las otras dos están gestionadas por un independiente progresista y un republicano.

Wallethub has compared 38 indicators showing the quality of services, and their cost per capita. In this way, the efficiency of municipalities in the management of public money can be measured. The 20 worst managed cities, with Washington D.C. leading the way, are these:

  1. Washington D.C. Mayor: Muriel Bowser. Democrat
  2. San Francisco. Mayor: London Breed. Democrat
  3. New York. Mayor: Eric Adams. Democrat
  4. Chattanooga. Mayor: Tim Kelly. Independient-progressive
  5. Cleveland. Mayor: Justin Bibb. Democrat
  6. Detroit. Mayor Mike Guggan. Democrat
  7. Flint. Mayor: Sheldon Neeley. Democrat
  8. Oaklans. Mayor: Libby Schaaf. Democrat
  9. Hartford. Mayor: Luke Bronin. Democrat
  10. Gulfport. Mayor: Billy Hewes. Republican
  11. Chicago. Mayor: Lori Lightfoot. Democrat
  12. Tacoma. Mayor: Victoria Woodards. Democrat
  13. Rochester. Mayor: Malik D. Evans. Democrat
  14. Yonkers. Mayor: Mike Spano. Democrat
  15. Kansas City (KC). Mayor: Quinton Lucas. Democrat
  16. Memphis. Mayor: Jim Stricklans. Democrat
  17. Philadelphia. Mayor: Jim Kenney. Democrat
  18. St. Louis. Mayor: Tishaura Jones. Democrat
  19. Denver. Mayor: Michael B. Hancock. Democrat
  20. New Heaven. Mayor, Justin Elicker. Democrat

Some of those mayors bear little responsibility for mismanagement. Eric Adams, for example, became mayor this year. He succeeded the controversial Bill de Blasio. However, the Democratic Party can often be held accountable, since it has been governing for many years. The Democratic Party has been governing Kansas City since 1918. Detroit has had Democratic mayors for 60 years, and Philadelphia for 70. The last Republican mayor of Flint left office in 1975. In Denver it was in 1963, in New Heaven in 1953 and in St. Louis in 1949.

One of the public goods that are generating problems in large cities is crime.

Best governed cities

The cities that make the best use of public money, ordered from best to worst, are these:

  1. Nampa. Mayor: Debbie King. Independient
  2. Boise. Mayor: Lauren McLean. Democrat
  3. Fort Wayne. Mayor: Tom Henry. Democrat
  4. Nashua. Mayor: Jim Donchess. Democrat
  5. Lexington-Fayette. Mayor Linda Gorton. Republican
  6. Lincoln (NE). Mayor: Gaylord Baird. Democrat
  7. Las Cruces. Mayor: Ken Miyagishima. Democrat
  8. Oklahoma City. Mayor: David Holt. Republican
  9. Missoula. Mayor: John Engen. Democrat
  10. Durham. Mayor: Elanine O'Neal. Democrat
  11. Virginia Beach. Mayor: Robert M. Dyer. Republican
  12. Rapid City. Mayor: Steve Allender. Republican
  13. Raleigh. Mayor: Mary-Ann Baldwin. Democrat
  14. Billings. Mayor: Bill Cole. Independient
  15. Provo. Mayor: Michelle Kaufusi. Republican
  16. Chesapeake. Mayor: Rick West. Republican
  17. Sioux. Mayor: Paul TenHaken. Republican
  18. Salem. Mayor: Kim Driscoll. Democrat
  19. Manchester. Mayor: Joyce Craig. Democrat
  20. Mesa (AZ). Mayor: John Giles. Republican

This list shows two differences with the list of the worst-governed cities. The first is that they are smaller cities, and we did not find a very large city. The largest population size is the state capital of Oklahoma. The second difference is that only half of the mayors are Democrats. The other half are independents and Republicans. Good governance is very much politically distributed.